“2017 District Conference”

November 10-12, 2017
At Hillcrest, La Verne, CA
Moderator Sara Haldeman-Scarr
 “The Witness and With-ness of Jesus!”
  Matthew 5:1-16
Questions – 909-406-5368
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Christian identity involves both Witness and With-ness. Our Witness speaks to the confidence of engaging others in conversation, with curiosity and respect, as we share our understanding of the Christ-like way of life. Our With-ness speaks to accompanying each other on our chosen faith journeys seeking to find and to encounter God’s merciful, abundant, and unconditional love. On our sacred journeys, illumined by the light of Jesus, together we can find the beauty of our unity nestled in the creativity of our diversity. And in this we are pulled together by the mysterious power of God into miraculous tapestries! In 2017, may we discover the artistry of our lives as we weave together our faith stories to proclaim our with-ness and witness in Jesus.

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The November 2017 conference has finished!
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Summary of 2016

Complete Business Book, 2016

Minutes of Prior Year, 2015

Delegates approved the prior minutes.

2017 PSWD Budget (financial income/expense plan)

Delegates passed the 2017 Budget & 2018 Expense Maximum.

November 12, 2016 Ballot Results

  • Moderator-Elect
    • Karen Pierson (Living Savior, McFarland)
  • Nominating Committee
    • Gerald Davis (Pomona Fellowship)
  • Program Committee, District Conference
    • Linda Hart (Pomona Fellowship)
  • District Board of Administration
    • At-Large
      • Jose Rudy Amaya (Príncipe de Paz)
      • Cheryl Crand (Prince of Peace)
      • Eddie Hernandez (Modesto)
      • Katherine Boeger Knight (Live Oak)
      • Clark Youngblood (Circle of Peace)
    • Southern California East Representation
      • Dot Hess (La Verne)
    • Youth & Young Adult Representatives
      • Elizabeth Piazza (Live Oak)
      • Israel Rosas (Glendale)
      • Alex Sanders (Modesto)
  • Brethren Hillcrest Homes Board Nominees
    • Linda Battram Dorosh (La Verne)

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