Nominating Committee

Nominating Committee
November 13, 2023 to November 12, 2024

The home churches of persons listed above, are in brackets, i.e. (Empire)

District Conference Committees

From the District Bylaws, 2021 ed. Article II. Section I.1. page 6 – 1.  Nominating Committee. The Nominating Committee consists of seven members: district moderator, district moderator-elect, clerk, chair of the Board, and three members elected by the District Conference. An elected member serves for three years and may not serve successive terms. Terms are staggered so that one member is elected each year. The Moderator-Elect shall chair the Nominating Committee. Members who serve by virtue of office serve for the duration of the office they fill.

Nominating Committee presents to the District Conference a ballot for each vacancy within the following positions:

  1. Moderator-Elect (two-year term)
  2. Board of Administration members (three-year term)
  3. Nominating Committee members (three-year term)
  4. District Conference Program Committee members (three-year term)
  5. Clerk (three-year term)
  6. Standing Committee Delegate(s) (three-year term or as directed by Annual Conference)

Permission must be obtained before a nominee’s name may be placed on the ballot. Information regarding the qualifications of nominees is provided to the delegates before the vote. Information pertinent to each office, such as length of term and number of persons to be elected is included on the ballot.

From the District Bylaws, 2021 ed. Article VI. page 14 – Relationships With Other Organizations. The District favors membership in, or relationship with, other organizations which further the purposes of the District. Such other organizations as Brethren Hillcrest Homes, Casa de Modesto, Camp La Verne, Camp Peaceful Pines, and University of La Verne are separate corporate entities under the control of governing boards which are free of direct ownership and control by the District, and which are solely responsible for their actions and dealings.