NACC Credentialing

Credentialing Interviews at least twice a year

  • NACC will schedule a time for each candidate through the District Executive Minister
    • Most frequent are Zoom interviews (we learned during Covid)
    • All in-person interviews are at Hillcrest in La Verne, CA (see maps below)
    • Deadline for material submission is a postmark or email dated 30 days before the interview. All materials must be typed. Hand written materials will be returned.
    • Paperwork from candidates for zoom interviews will be received throughout the year. Once all of the candidate’s paperwork has been received by the District Office, NACC will set an interview date that is at least three weeks but not more than six weeks after the paperwork is completed. NACC can set an in-person meeting (if conditions allow).
  • Your church votes to recommend candidates for licensing. Contact the district office for help with the necessary paperwork by email at or by phone at 909-406-5368.
    • Cohort startup information in the upper right-hand corner (web link)

Maintaining your License

Please type your answers into the On-Line GoogleForm. Hand written reports will be returned for typing. Call 909-406-5368 if you need help.

  • In order for the Licensed Minister(s) in your congregation to continue in licensed ministry for the next year, your church must have a minuted item from the church council or the church board that the congregation wants the license to be continued. Please mail a copy of this minuted action, by September 25, 2021 to the district office.

Church position examples: pastor, associate pastor, chaplain, youth leader . . .

Each year, to continue in this position (paid or unpaid) for the next year, your church must return these forms to the district office.

  1.  The appropriate Renewal or Start-Up Agreement
  • Licensing renewal service will be different in 2021 due to Covid19. Churches and Licensees will receive email notification of the alternative arrangements. Email questions about this required attendance to Ministry Commission Chair Norma Sexton.
  • A wide variety of denominational Ministry Papers
  • Sign up for your required Ministerial Ethics Seminar every 5 years (2019 & 2024)
  • Ministry Readiness Evaluation for ordination and licensing: The Ministry Commission is coordinating this process through the District Executive Minister.

PSWD Nurturing & Credentialing Committee

and reportable to, the Ministry Commission of the Pacific Southwest District of the Church of the Brethren.

  • TRIM Coordinator
  • MTC: Ministry Training Coordinator for SeBAH, EFSM, & EPMC

NACC Meetings for Interviews at Hillcrest in La Verne, CA

Blue=Galen Walker Board Room — Brown=Jasmine Conference Room — Green=Private Dining Room

Galen Walker Board Room