Ethics Seminar

Ethics & 2020 Ordination Renewal

Ethics & 2015 Ordination Renewal

Ministerial Ethics Requirements

  • During each 5 year cycle, all ordained and licensed ministers are required to attend a “Healthy Boundaries: Ministerial Ethics Training.” Retired ministers must attend if you have any active ministerial leadership roles, like preaching, blogging, teaching, or acting in a pastoral role. For reference, see the Ministerial Leadership Manual papers. Your attendance will be noted in your personal file and recorded as part of the 5 year ordination review.
  • Ordination Transfer and Ordination Recognition require attendance at a “Ministerial Ethics Seminar.”
  • Licensed Ministers must attend a “Ministerial Ethics Seminar” before any employment as a minister.

Fulfilling the Requirement

  • District Sponsored Training Events: Sometime during each 5 year cycle, there will be one or more “Ministerial Ethics Seminars” in our district.
  • National Office Sponsored Training Event: Our national Office of Ministry sponsors “Ministerial Ethics Seminars” in districts across the country. You can attend an event in another district. Call the Ministry Office at 847-429-4382 for locations.
  • If you need help finding a seminar for an Ordination Transfer or Ordination Recognition, contact the district office, 909-406-5368.