Grants for PSWD Churches

Ministry Partnership Funds for District Churches

New for 2016: Are you looking to try something new? Want to have someone work with you or your congregation as a coach? Is your congregation a mission point in a poor or at risk neighborhood? Ready to take on the work of revitalization? PSWD Ministry Partnership Funds provide a way for the District to partner financially with your congregation to make things happen.
…….These funds are easy to apply for, provide for a quick decision, ask for focused reports on what you are learning, and are an opportunity to encourage experimentation. Already this year the Church of the Living Savior and La Verne congregations have received support. What’s stopping your congregation from being next?…….

Phase-Out of Universal Grant Booklet

This method of awarding grants began in 2010 and ended in 2017. Please read the Ministry Partnership Funds for District Churches section above and prepare a project with your congregation.

Bible and/or Literature Grants – Margaret Carl Trust

Purposes of Trust Fund

    1. To distribute Bibles, Testaments and Gospels
    2. To purchase books in support of wellness initiatives and drug education.

Applications are due by April 1st or October 1st each year. Applications received after those dates are considered in the next cycle. Funds should not be spent, expecting a grant, unless the applicant is prepared to pay if grant is denied.

9/28/2018: The Margaret Carl Trust is having a trustee transition with the death of Rev. Marlin Heckman. During the transition, send your applications to the district office, which can also answer any questions: 909-406-5368 or

“Fillable” PDF of Bible and/or Literature Grant Application Form

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