Grants for PSWD Churches

Are you looking to try something new? Want to have someone work with you or your congregation as a coach? Is your congregation a mission point in a poor or at-risk neighborhood? Ready to take on the work of revitalization? PSWD Ministry Partnership Funds provide a way for the District to partner financially with your congregation to make things happen.

These funds are easy to apply for, provide for a quick decision, ask for focused reports on what you are learning, and are an opportunity to encourage experimentation. Many of our congregations have received Ministry Partnership Funds. What’s stopping your congregation from being next?
  • PDF Flyer from District Conference with details on each of the 4 Partnership Fund categories
    1. Revitalization Cohorts – Training for leaders and the congregation to revitalize the local congregation.
    2. Mission Congregation – Financial support when a significant portion of the church has income levels below the poverty level.
    3. Coaching / Training – Events to implement change inside a congregation.
    4. Ministry Opportunity – Help a Church with a vision and plan to engage their neighborhood with a ministry or missional opportunity.
  • Link to “Flowchart” of the application to help you plan. “Ministry Partnership Fund requests submitted by the fifteenth of any month will have a response by the end of the following month. Decisions on approval of Partnership funds will be made by the Congregational Vitality Task Group, and reported to the Executive Board.”
  • Link to MPF Funds Application (click)
  • The MPF Report Form (click) for churches to report their results.

Purpose of Trust Fund with current funding

  1. To distribute Bibles, Testaments, and Gospels

Applications are due by April 1st or October 1st each year. Applications received after those dates are considered in the next cycle. Funds should not be spent, expecting a grant, unless the applicant is prepared to pay if a grant is denied.

  • Margaret Nininger Carl Trust Fund
  • c/o Pacific Southwest District Church of the Brethren
  • PO Box 219, La Verne, CA 91750-0219
Old versions of the application form will be returned for reapplication with the new form.
Recipients: Remember to send us copies of receipts showing how you spent your grant.

Norma Morris is the trustee:  Call the district office with any questions 909-406-5368

  • Ideas originated from Joe Vecchio, Administrative Assistant (2/18/2016).
  • Help with the Adobe Reader PDF files on our website, click HERE.
  • Please click HERE for further instruction about financial statements.