Reimburse Expenses

In order to insure full participation in the work of the Board of Administration, travel expenses are provided for in the PSW District Budget. Board Policies from prior years:

  1. For the sake of economy, transportation should be by auto, in car pools where possible. If one person travels alone, then air fare, mileage or car rental, whichever is less, shall be paid:
    • Air fare + trans to airport: Barring special circumstances, maximum reimbursement will be limited to the 21 day advance fare. Special circumstances will be confidentially determined by District Executive or Board Chair.
    • Train or bus are reimbursed like air fare.
    • Car rental + gas Be careful about renting cars with “debit/credit” cards. Unexpected bank holds can “un-balance” your checking account.
    • Mileage of your car @ IRS rate (often costs the most on long trips). Write your mileage on the description line. The bookkeeper will calculate the total using the current IRS rate.
  2. Travel expenses will only be reimbursed for travel within the PSWD.
  3. Staff and sub-committee travel to Board meetings will be reimbursed when the travel is at the request of the Board or one of its commissions.
  4. Frequent flier miles from PSWD reimbursed travel should be used for district travel.
  5. Ask for a host family. The basic cost of food and lodging are allowed when needed and not provided by our hosts. Special “out of pocket” expenses may be reimbursed upon recommendation of the Executive Minister or Board Chair.
  6. Please itemize your expenses by project, commission, committee, type (phone/mail/ food…) so that the expenses can be deducted from the proper account. The district office will need time to get approval for your voucher from the Board Chair, Program Committee Chair, etc.
  7. Nominees to the boards of Hillcrest, Camp La Verne & University of La Verne. The District does not reimburse your expenses. Your institution may have their own reimbursement policies.
  8. District Conference is a meeting of Church Delegates. District Board members are encouraged (not required) to attend. If you are not able to attend, you will still be assigned to a Commission at the reorganization of the Board. Here are some ideas for help with the costs: District Board members are not reimbursed for their District Conference Expenses. See if your church helps members attend. Ask if you can be one of your church’s delegates. Churches often help pay expenses for their delegates.
  9. Phone/Postage Expense: Keep a log on the phone/postage form that includes the project to be billed. Send the log and receipts to the district office.
  10. Donating Back to PSWD:
    • Submit your reimbursement voucher. This will help our budget process for the next year, as many cannot afford to donate their travel.
    • After receiving your reimbursement check, you are welcome to send us a donation check of your own. These donations go to the PSWD general budget, not the travel line item.

Click HERE for a PDF version of the Expense Reimbursement Voucher. This is a fillable Adobe PDF.

Click HERE to see the PDF for Telephone/Postage Log for Reimbursement. This is a fillable Adobe PDF.

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