Pastor / Spouse Retreat

Pastor / Spouse Retreat
May 28-31 (or 27-31), 2019
Watch for details to come!
Tuesday lunch through Friday morning
Optional Monday, at a nearby motel.
Put the date in your calendar for next year and plan to join with other pastors (and spouses) as we come together for the annual retreat. This year’s event will be at Serra Retreat in Malibu from May 27-31. Leadership is still being finalized, but we expect a renewing week together. There will be lodging on Monday May 27 at a hotel just inland from Malibu, and we will begin our time together at Serra and in retreat with the noon meal on Tuesday, May 28. So make plans now to be with us for this gift of time and space from the district.
Retreat for all minsters serving as pastor or chaplain, and their spouses in PSWD.

Last year’s 2018 event details

The 2018 Pastor/Spouse Retreat is being held at the Serra Retreat Center in Malibu, California (interactive map). It is located 45 minutes from the Los Angeles & Burbank airports. This retreat is meant for your spiritual and physical health. The Ministry Commission of PSWD takes it as our mission to care for the women and men who have answered God’s call to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ in our churches and faith institutions..

Macrina Wiederkehr

Macrina Wiederkehr of St Scholastica Monastery, will lead us in daily sessions on the theme: Believing in your Contemplative Heart ~~the monastic way~~.
…..The focus for this retreat will be monastic spirituality as a path for spiritual growth. You will be encouraged to consider the possibility of living more contemplatively so that the sacred nature of your daily work will be revealed to you. Our society doesn’t easily support or encourage silence, interiority, the centered life. For that kind of environment we turn to the wisdom of the monastics.
…..One does not have to dwell in a monastery to live a deeply spiritual life. You can practice living in the Presence right in the midst of the beautiful struggle of daily life. You can be a monk in the world.
…..The monk is a universal archetype of our search for the Divine, representing everything within you that leans toward the Sacred-that within you which is drawn to pray, to adore, to bow, to praise, to bless, and to wait.
…..Many of us experience a restless longing, an unfathomable yearning that we can’t always name. The saints and poets name it well when they speak of this yearning as homesickness for God. We all have within us a place of communion where, if we slow down and learn to listen, we will hear God breathing in us.
…..Come spend time with Macrina who invites us to a feast of poetry, story, prayer, song, ritual and solitude, all grounded in Benedictine spirituality.
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…..Macrina Wiederkehr is a Benedictine Sister from St. Scholastica Monastery in Fort Smith, Arkansas. She is well known for her creative writing and retreat ministry. She is the author of eight popular books including Seven Sacred Pauses: Living Mindfully through the Hours of the Dayand, Abide: Keeping Vigil with the Word of God.
…..Drawing from her Benedictine spirituality she attempts to lead seekers on a contemplative path away from wordiness into the space between the words, into the pause. She claims that her best learning flows from the wisdom school of daily life. Her finest teachers are her daily companions in nature and in the larger global community.
…..Visit her website:
Macrina Wiederkehr
Lorelei Woerner-Eisner
…..Lorelei Woerner-Eisner is a Christian Yoga Instructor and Occupational Therapist. She has provided daily Prayerful Movement yoga leadership at this retreat for many years. Her church affiliations include: lifelong membership in the ELCA synod of the Lutheran Church; and Church Council Member at Bethel Lutheran Church.
…..Karen B. Pierson is the 2018 Moderator of the PSWD. A member of the Church of the Living Savior (McFarland) congregation, she is encouraging the PSWD to embrace the theme Focus on Jesus (Matthew 14:29-30).
Karen Pierson
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This event is financially supported by the Ministry Commission of PSWD. Registering for this event implies a promise that you will faithfully participate in the activities listed. However, ample free time is available for your own faith journey, health, and recreation. The only cost to the Pastors / Chaplains will be a minimal registration fee of $100 per person and the cost of your transportation. Additional scholarship money may be available to help those in need, through Ministry Chair Tom Hostetler <>.

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2018 Registration is now closed