Pacific Southwest District Office


Russ Matteson

District Executive Minister

Russ Matteson P: 909.392.4052 F: 909-392-4056

Russ began serving as the District Executive Minister in January 2015, following 11 years as the co-pastor of the Modesto Church of the Brethren. Russ has served the church as a pastor and as the Director of Marketing for Brethren Press, the Church of the Brethren publishing house. Russ continues to make his home in Modesto, splitting his time between the northern and southern sections of the Pacific Southwest District and making several trips a year to Arizona to connect with the churches there.
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Dawna Welch

District Youth Advisor

Dawna Welch P: 909.267.5477 F: 909-392-4056

Dawna was born and raised in La Verne, California and in the Church of the Brethren. She shares her life with husband Jeff Strogen and sons Digby and Ethan. They live in Claremont, CA and worship together with the La Verne congregation where she has served as the Director of Children and Families Ministries since 2003. Dawna is an ordained minister
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Joe Vecchio

Administrative Assistant

Joe Vecchio P: 909.392.4051 F: 909-392-4056

As the Pacific Southwest District’s Administrative Assistant, Joe supervises, coordinates, and maintains the office functions of the district. A key function of the office is providing administrative assistance to the District Executive Minister. Under the District Executives’s direction, Joe arranges for meetings and administrative assistance to the district’s boards, commissions, committees and task teams. Joe also manages the content of the district web site and newsletters, where he uses skills from his junior college degree in Photo Lithography.
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