Program Committee

District Conference Program Committee
November 11, 2023 to November 12, 2024

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District Conference Committees

From the District Bylaws, 2021 ed. Article II. Section I.2. page 6
I.2.  District Conference Program Committee. The District Conference Program Committee consists of five members: Moderator, Moderator-elect, and three persons elected by the District Conference. The Moderator shall chair the Program Committee. An elected member serves for three years and may serve two successive terms. Terms are staggered so that one member is elected each year. The Board Chair is an invited guest without vote. The committee is responsible for planning the conference program, obtaining leadership, and making all necessary arrangements for the conference, in cooperation with on-site representatives.
From the District Bylaws, 2021 ed. Article IV. Section A.2. page 12
A. District Executive Minister 2. The District Executive Minister . . . is an ex-officio member without vote of the Board and its committees and the committees of the District.