Housing at District Conference

Hotel Ideas

No Special Conference Arranged Rooms. As has been the case for the last several years, there is a large event at the Fairgrounds the same weekend, so there is competition for rooms. Below is a list of the hotels we have recommended in the past and we encourage you to contact them or another hotel of your choosing or use other travel apps which might have a better price, to make your District Conference reservations soon.
Address: 601 W Bonita Ave, San Dimas CA
Phone: 909-394-1022
Map: 3.1 miles (Map Link)
Address: 501 W Bonita Ave, San Dimas CA
Phone: 909-592-0500
Map: 3.0 miles (Map Link)
Address: 204 Village Ct, San Dimas CA
Phone: 909-599-2362
Map: 3.3 miles (Map Link)
Address: 3145 E Garvey Ave N, West Covina CA
Phone: 626-967-5800
Map: 8.3 miles (Map Link)
Address: 485 W Arrow Hwy, San Dimas CA
Phone: 909-305-2323
Map: 2.7 miles (Map Link)
RV Parking:
You can explore the suitability of

Housing at your own home or a nearby hotel

You are welcome to stay at your own home, a nearby hotel, with a friend, or elsewhere.
Please note there is no housing available at ULV during District Conference.