Pacific Southwest Women

Women’s Fellowship

Not currently functioning.

From the District By-Laws, 2018 ed. Article II. Section I. page 6; Article III. Section L. page 12.

By-Laws Article II. Section I.2. District Conference Program Committee.

The District Conference Program Committee consists of five members: Moderator, Moderator-elect, and three persons elected by the District Conference. The Moderator-elect convenes the first meeting. The committee chooses its own Chair. An elected member serves for three years and may serve two successive terms. Terms are staggered so that one member is elected each year. The Board Chair; the President of Pacific Southwest Women, or her representative; and the District Youth Coordinator, in years when this or a similar position is filled, serve ex-officio. The committee is responsible for planning the conference program, obtaining leadership, and making all necessary arrangements for the conference, in cooperation with on-site representatives.

By-Laws Article III. Section L. Group Fellowships.

The activities of subsidiary or fellowship groups (such as women’s fellowship group, men’s fellowship group, deacons’ group, pastors’ group, etc.) are subject to the coordination and concern of the District and accountable to the Board. Each fellowship group may elect the officers necessary for its activities and hold meetings as necessary to care for the business of the fellowship. Fellowship events should be coordinated with the District calendar.