Polity, Practice and Belief Class

What you always wanted to know about the Brethren.

This class is available for all ministers, licensed and ordained who want to learn about the Church of the Brethren or be reminded about who we are yesterday and today. This class fulfills the Ministry Commission requirements for “Church of the Brethren Polity, Practice and Belief” training that needs to be completed before ordination. Local church ministers, church board chairs, and moderators from non-Brethren settings are also asked to attend. For ordained ministers this will give 0.6 CEU credits in area 3. Pastoral Leadership or area 8. General Enrichment.

We have ordered 20 sets of books. When we receive your registration, we will mail you a set of books so you can become familiar with the subject before our clas



9:00 Introductions and get acquainted
9:15 The Brethren Beginnings
10:00 BREAK
10:15 The Brethren Development
11:45 LUNCH
12:30 The Brethren Identity
2:30 BREAK
2:45 The Brethren Polity and Structure
3:30 Closing
4:00 Dismiss

We can arrange transportation if you follow these guidelines, book airline: arrivals at ONT at 8:30am or earlier departures from ONT at 5:30pm or later

Registration closed.