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District Conference Committees

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  • District By-Laws, 2021 ed. (PDF)
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  • K. Committees Appointed by the District Conference. The District Conference may constitute or authorize continuing or short-term committees as necessary to assist with the ongoing work of the District. When the specific assignment of a committee is achieved, the committee will be dismissed. (Executive Board 8. Creates and dissolves Task Groups when the direction of the District makes it valuable; See also “Task Groups as defined by the Executive Board” on page 11, and “Board Committees” on page 12)
    • Task Team: District Conference asked the Policy Board to call a Task Team to study the “Process for Responding to Congregational Disagreements with Annual Conference and/or District Conference Decisions.”

From the District By-Laws, 2021 ed. Article II. District Conference, see also pages 7, 9, 11, 12