Church Planting and Revitalization Committee

Church Planting & Revitalization Committee

From June 10-11, 2011 Board Minutes:
        The Church Planting & Revitalization Committee encourages and promotes individuals and congregations to consider and provide the necessary resources to revitalize and launch new churches and mission points.

The home churches of persons listed above, are in brackets, i.e. (Tucson)


1.    Actively evaluates congregations for renewal or revitalization.
2.    Assesses church vitality and makes recommendations for future ministry.
3.    Studies possibilities for areas within the Pacific Southwest District where a Church of the Brethren might be planted;
4.    Develop policies for the establishment and development of new fellowships/congregations in the District;
5.    Provide coaching, supervision, counsel and accountability to all new church starts;
6.    Encourage congregations to reach out to their communities, seeking to offer God’s love and a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.


All policies, reports, and recommendations will be brought to the Executive Board.

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