Know To Grow

Know to Grow
How well do you know your community?
What are the main stressors?
How many single parents are there and how old are the children?
What programs does your community desire most from a church?
Annual Conference in `21 affirmed the vision, “Jesus in the neighborhood.” How is your church joining Jesus in your community?
“Know to Grow” is a new PSWD sponsored and funded program to help your church be more like Jesus in your community. Congregations can join
Jesus by…
 Learning the demographics and psychographics of their community.
 Studying this information to understand their neighbors better.
 Discovering what their neighbors need and would best respond to.
Detailed information about your community at no cost.
Help in understanding this information.
Assistance in creating a plan to reach your community and follow-up support.
For more information or to start, contact Jeff Glass at or call 808-785-8688.