Reviews: Pastor / Spouse Retreat

Reviews from 2014 attendees:

Pastor Jeremy Ashworth, Circle of Peace, Arizona
     Last year my wife Mary and I attended the Pastor & Spouse retreat for the first time.  Here are ten reasons we’re looking forward to doing so again this year:
1. Because Malibu is awesome.
2. Because you can smell the ocean.
3. Because Serra Retreat Center is run by real.  Live.  Monks!
4. Because the tile work on the grounds of Serra Retreat Center is rare and beautiful, see
5. Because the food was way better than I thought it was going to be.
6. Because you can walk downhill to the beach.  It’s a steep walk, but doable.
7.  Because I learned stuff about the book of Job that was totally new to me.
8. Because I got to meet other clergy couples who understand that pastoral ministry is a blessed but also very weird lifestyle vocation.
9. Because I got to do yoga with other clergy couples, most of whom who were as bad at yoga as I am.
10. Because the pastors I know can use all the help they can get.  And seriously, people, it’s Malibu!

Pastors Richard and Becky Zapata, Príncipe de Paz, Santa Ana, California
     Becky and I attended for the second year the Pastor and Spouse Retreat at the awesome Serra Retreat Center in Malibu, CA.  It has been a time of spiritual reflection and peace in a beautiful setting located between the mountains and the ocean in Malibu…. What an awesome place for pictures! The meals are great and we get to eat with a view of the ocean. We also enjoyed learning and practicing yoga for the first time in our lives. Some of the yoga routines have been so helpful that they have now become part of our daily living.  The daily meditations on the Scriptures were insightful and short, just perfect so we could enjoy the rest of the day doing whatever. It’s a place to enjoy peaceful living, enjoy nature, enjoy the weather, enjoy fresh air, enjoy friends, and enjoy a time with your spouse with a panoramic view of the ocean. It is definitely the place to be.

Pastor Ann Weaver, Waterford Church of the Brethren, California
     We enjoyed the retreat and it is a wonderful venue with great food, beautiful scenery, and plenty of time for rest and fellowship.

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