Workshops at District Conference

2022 Workshops

     District Conference will feature 14 Workshops spread across 4 days, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday of the 2nd week of November, 7th-12th. Two sessions will be offered in Spanish. All sessions can be translated into English or Spanish if you check the translation box during registration. You will choose your Workshops during registration, and receive a special log-in link on the morning of the Insight Session.
     Divide the possibilities among your church’s attendees so you can return to your congregation with a wide range of experience and information.
Many sessions will be recorded and become available on our YouTube channel (link) following District Conference. Check there after November 20 to see what is available.
  •  (1) 6:00-7:00pm Pacific / 7:00-8:00pm AZ – DC Business preview and conversation with District leadership — Join members of the District Executive Board and DEM Russ Matteson for a conversation around business items on the conference agenda and any other questions you may want to ask about what is happening in the PSWD. (by Board Chair Erik Brummett & Executive Board)
  • (2) 6:00-7:00pm Pacific / 7:00-8:00pm AZ Sadly Everyone Cannot Be An Armpit Let’s spend some time diving into the infamous body metaphor that Paul presents in 1 Corinthians 12. The church needs more armpits, but sadly everyone cannot be an armpit. Jon Chubb is pastor of the Papago Buttes Church of the Brethren in Scottsdale, AZ.
  • (3) 6:00-7:00pm Pacific / 7:00-8:00pm AZ – Brethren Volunteer Service — What distinguishes this service from other forms of service? Hear the stories of four former BVS volunteers and how their service impacted others as well as themselves. (facilitated by Moderator-Elect Judy Minnich Stout, with additional panelists Jim LeFever, Reba Herder, Dennis Kingery)
  •  (4) 6:00-7:00pm Pacific / 7:00-8:00pm AZ – Kingian Non-violence (KNV) – Strength To Love   —  The workshop discusses Dr. Martin Luther King’s principles and Christian philosophy of nonviolent conflict reconciliation through a series of sermons he used during the Civil Rights Movement.  The goal is to help us see a holistic view of KNV, the power and the strength of applying these principles that will move us closer to the love God intended for all humankind.  Although it will be an introduction, it will provide us with a launching path for our churches, families, and communities to consider how the principles of nonviolence and the steps of Nonviolence Conflict Reconciliation to help us grow stronger by doing the will of God for better neighborhood engagement. (by Pastor Thomas Dowdy)
  • (5) 6:00-7:00pm Pacific / 7:00-8:00pm AZ – Los Dones Espirituales / The Spiritual Gifts  Únete conmigo a aprender sobre Los Dones Espirituales. Un don espiritual es una capacidad otorgada a un creyente por la gracia de Dios. En este taller aprenderemos el propósito de cada don espiritual que veremos en las escrituras en 1 de Corintios 12:4-27. (Liderado por el pastor Rigo Berumen, Centro Agape en Acción) / Join me to learn about the Spiritual Gifts. A spiritual gift is a capacity granted to a believer by the grace of God. In this workshop we will learn the purpose of each spiritual gift as seen in scriptures in 1 of Corinthians 12:4-27. (led by Pastor Rigo Berumen, Centro Agape en Accíon)
  • (6) 6:00-7:00pm Pacific / 7:00-8:00pm AZ – The Roots of the Church of the Brethren: Anabaptism and Pietism — In 1708, Alexander Mack and seven others re-baptized one another in the Eder River in Schwarzenau, Germany, marking the beginning of a movement that would come to be known as the Church of the Brethren. The seeds of this movement had been planted and taken root before that, though, in two similar, yet distinct movements – Anabaptism and Pietism. The Church of the Brethren blossomed and grew from these seeds, maturing through their influence. In this workshop, we will explore these seeds – Anabaptism and Pietism – and the influence they had and still have on the Church of the Brethren. (by Pastor Erik Brummett)
  •  (7) In-Person before lunch – Being a peace church in a time of war —Explore how we have been and can continue to be that kind of church as we move into the present and future. With war in Ukraine, and several other wars that have been simmering or active for years, how do Brethren live into this legacy now. Tim McElwee taught Peace Studies at Manchester (IN) University and represented the Church of the Brethren in Washington D.C. for many years.  (by Annual Conference Moderator Tim McElwee)
  • (8) In-Person before lunch – Praying the Ultimate Questions — Come and enjoy an hour of refreshment and introspection into questions concerning the foundation of our life and meaning. This session includes time in silent prayer and the opportunity to share with the group. Grow in your connection to God and others. Leadership by Julia Wheeler. (by Julia Wheeler)
  • (9) In-Person before lunch – Sharing Our Ministries — This workshop is an open time to support each other. You will have time to share about the strengths and struggles of your church’s ministries and to hear from others about the ministries in their churches. (bilingual facilitator: Cheryl Crane)
  • (10) In-Person before lunch – Passion, Process, and Planned Giving: How to Engage Supporters — How can an organization save for future goals when the monetary needs of today are so urgent? Join us to learn how to establish a repeatable process to successfully engage your supporters on planned and deferred giving arrangements. By using these strategies and products you can position future leadership and ministries for success. (by Dan Radcliff and Steve Mason, staff for Eder Organizational Investing (formerly the Brethren Foundation Inc.)
  • (11) In-Person before lunch –Sex and Gender 101 What does it mean to have a sex or a gender? Are they the same? Different? How about sexual orientation? Is that the same as gender? As more and more young people come out as gender nonbinary, transgender, queer, asexual or gender fluid, it can get confusing. This session will help to unpack some of the terminology and concepts in order that we might have more informed conversations and better understand ourselves and others. (Led by Carol Wise, interim pastor of the La Verne Church of the Brethren and former Executive Director of BMC (Brethren Mennonite Council for LGBT Interests)).
  •  (12) In-Person after lunch – ULV Tour of Ludwick Center for Spirituality, Cultural Understanding and Community Engagement — The Ludwick Center embodies the heart and heritage of the University of La Verne. The Center encourages self-reflection, spiritual development, identity development, and the exploration of one’s deepest values, meaning and purpose. The Center invites people to do this inner work in the context of pluralism and diversity, intentionally building relationships across difference in community, and together putting values into practice through community engagement for the sake of the common good. Our tour will provide a glimpse into a place that seeks to be a thriving center for the exploration and development of values, such as diversity, justice, love, community, peacemaking, engagement, and well-being. (by ULV’s Zandra Wagoner, Ph.D., University Chaplain and Assistant Professor of Religion)
  • (13) In-Person after lunch – Taller en Español – Conocer para Crecer / Workshop in Spanish – Know to Grow— Para ayudar a las congregaciones a involucrar mejor a sus comunidades y comprometerse con la visión de Jesús en el vecindario, el PSWD ofrece la oportunidad de recibir un informe demográfico y psicográfico de su comunidad, ayuda para digerir la información, asistencia para crear un plan para llegar a su comunidad y seguir hasta el apoyo. Aprenda cómo su congregación puede involucrarse y beneficiarse de esta oportunidad. (Dirigido por Jeff Glass, quien consultará con congregaciones y pastores) / To help congregations engage their communities better and engage the Jesus in the Neighborhood vision the PSWD is offering the opportunity to receive a demographic and psychographic report of their community, help in digesting the information, assistance in creating a plan to reach their community and follow-up support. Learn how your congregation can get involved and benefit from this opportunity. (Led by Jeff Glass who will be consulting with congregations and pastors)
  • (14) In-Person after lunch – Part-Time Pastor; Full-Time Church – Sound familiar? — Learn more about the Church of the Brethren Part-Time Pastor; Full-Time Church which offers support, resources and opportunities to pastors and laypersons. Part-Time Pastor; Full-Time Church exists in the Church of the Brethren Office of Ministry to walk with, listen to and advocate for part-time, multi-vocational and not-paid-to-scale pastors empowering them to live and lead well by enriching their journey through intentional relationships and thoughtful wisdom sharing. (Led by Jen Jensen, PTP/FTC Program Manager.)
  • (15) In-Person after lunch – AC Moderator — A Mutual Q&A with the AC Moderator –  Join current Annual Conference Moderator Tim McElwee as he poses some questions of those in attendance as well as does his best to answer any questions you may have of him. – (by Annual Conference Moderator Tim McElwee)