Workshops at District Conference

2021 Workshops

District Conference will feature 16 Workshops spread across 4 days, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, & Wednesday of the 2nd week of November, 7th-10th. Two sessions will be offered in Spanish. All sessions can be translated into English or Spanish if you check the translation box during registration. You will choose your Workshops during registration, and receive a special log-in link on the morning of the Insight Session.


Divide the possibilities among your church’s attendees so you can return to your congregation with a wide range of experience and information.


Many sessions will be recorded and become available on our YouTube channel (link) following District Conference. Check there after November 20 to see what is available.
  •  (1) 6:30-7:45pm Pacific / 7:30-8:45pm AZ – Christian Living in the 4th Industrial Revolution: How Faith and Technology Impact Each Other — A new era is upon us – the era of the 4th Industrial Revolution in which innovative technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) and advanced robotics will reign supreme. These technologies will change the way people learn, work, and spend their freetime. How will these changes impact the church, and how can we as believers be a witness for Christ in a technology-saturated world? (by Daniel Toph, Ph.D.)

  • (2) 6:30-7:45pm Pacific / 7:30-8:45pm AZ – Brethren Identity: 4 ministers share — What is our identity as women and men in the Church of the Brethren? What is Brethren identity? At a time in our church history where the church is more diverse than ever how can we celebrate our shared and unique identity? These questions and others will be explored through a panel forum featuring Pastor Richard Zapata, Julie Wheeler, and Pastor Jon Chubb. Come learn from fellow PSWD members as they reflect on what Brethren identity means for each of them. (facilitated by Annali Topf with panelists Richard Zapata, Julie Wheeler, Jon Chubb) 

  • (3) 6:30-7:45pm Pacific / 7:30-8:45pm AZ – Having a Congregational Coach can help — Leaders from congregations that participated in the Future Church Summit and the ongoing coaching (supported by PSWD Ministry & Improvement Funds) will share about what they are doing and how a coach helped them keep focused and moving. (facilitated by Russ Matteson)

  • (4) 6:30-7:45pm Pacific / 7:30-8:45pm AZ – Loving New Neighbors — Kathryn LaPointe shares stories of the radical welcome extended by San Diego First Church. Find out more about their journey providing temporary shelter for families newly arrived from Haiti, and learn about the challenges faced by people seeking safety in the United States. Part “Asylum 101” and part celebration, this session highlights the Brethren values of Peacefully, Simply, and definitely Together! (by Kathryn LaPointe)
  •  (5) 6:30-7:45pm Pacific / 7:30-8:45pm AZ Spiritual Wellness: Kindling our Hearts to Burn with thy Flame — Come explore spiritual wellness through the wisdom of spiritual ancestors from our tradition and the larger Christian tradition, scripture, poetry, imagery and more. Discover what pieces might make up your own prayer collage for spiritual wellness. (by Spiritual Director Erin Matteson)
  • (6) 6:30-7:45pm Pacific / 7:30-8:45pm AZ Is your congregation’s virtual front door open? Hear from several PSWD congregations about the relatively simple and affordable ways they are working to livestream their worship to open the virtual front door. (facilitated by Russ Matteson)
  • (7) 6:30-7:45pm Pacific / 7:30-8:45pm AZ – Brethren in the PSWD, 1887-2021: An oral history — Using oral history interviews collected from Brethren in the PSWD along with some secondary research, this session will share a documentary about the history of congregations within the current district boundaries. (by Moderator Al Clark)
  • (8) 6:30-7:45pm Pacific / 7:30-8:45pm AZ – Llegando a la comunidad hispanohablante con las redes sociales -/- Reaching the Spanish speaking community with social media — El proyecto de la iglesia Conexión Pasadena desarrolló una estrategia intencional para llegar a los miembros potenciales a través de las redes sociales. En esta sesión, su equipo pastoral compartirá ideas sobre el uso de las redes sociales para compartir el evangelio y promover la congregación local. -/- The Conexión Pasadena church project developed an intentional strategy to reach prospective members using social media. In this session their pastoral team will share ideas about using social media to share the gospel and promote the local congregation. (facilitated by Juan Pablo Plaza & Fernanda Navarrete of Conexión Pasadena)
  •  (9) 6:30-7:45pm Pacific / 7:30-8:45pm AZ – Church Outdoors: And Other Crazy Stuff We Tried During COVID —In this session we will tell the story of the transitions, experiments, successes, and failures we experienced in the time of COVID. While every church is different, our hope is that you come away with one thing that is helpful or encouraging for ministry in your congregation. (panel moderated by Pastor Jeremy Ashworth)

  • (10) 6:30-7:45pm Pacific / 7:30-8:45pm AZ – DC Business preview and conversation with District leadership — Join members of the District Executive Board and DEM Russ Matteson for a conversation around business items on the conference agenda and any other questions you may want to ask about what is happening in the PSWD. (by Board Chair Nelda Clarke & Executive Board)

  • (11) 6:30-7:45pm Pacific / 7:30-8:45pm AZ – Titus Coan: Apostle to the Sandwich Islands — Pastor Phil Corr will discuss his recently published missionary biography about Titus Coan, who was both a Revivalist and a Renaissance Man. As a Revivalist, he led the “Hawaiian Great Awakening” between 1836 and 1840. As a Renaissance Man, he wrote about his explorations of active volcanoes – sometimes at great risk to himself! “If I am a Christian, then I am a Peace Man!” –Titus Coan(by Pastor Phil Corr)

  • (12) 6:30-7:45pm Pacific / 7:30-8:45pm AZ – Estudiar Hechos 2 | Acts 2 in Spanish — Este estudio bíblico en español explorará los temas de Juntos que llenan Hechos 2. (by Pastora Florecita Merlos)
  •  (13) 6:30-7:45pm Pacific / 7:30-8:45pm AZ – “The Will” and “The Skill” of Nonviolence — Kingian Nonviolence workshops are transformational experiences that have helped thousands of people around the world understand the depth of the philosophy of nonviolence and learn to begin to bring the practices into their lives and their work. Specifically we will consider the types and levels of conflict as well as The 6 principles and steps of Kingian Nonviolence. Whether you are a teacher trying to change the culture of your school or simply, an individual trying to deal with the conflicts in your personal life, or a disciple of Christ trying to find the will and the skill to live Jesus’ teachings of nonviolence, my hope is that you will walk away from this workshop with a renewed commitment to Jesus’ nonviolent way of living. (by Pastor Sara Haldeman-Scarr)

  • (14) 6:30-7:45pm Pacific / 7:30-8:45pm AZ – What is Intercultural Competency, and why does it matter to your church? — Culture may be defined as the distinctive spiritual, material, emotional features of a society or social group. Intercultural Competence invites us to grow in our self-awareness, listening, respect for other perspectives, and cultural humility. This session will be an introduction to the topic and a chance to dialogue about how to develop these important skills. (by Darla K. Deardorff)

  • (15) 6:30-7:45pm Pacific / 7:30-8:45pm AZ – The awe-ful apostles — Let’s take a look at the life of the early church by looking closer at verses 42-47, and specifically to what the apostles were doing and the results of those actions. The community was learning from the apostles, praying together, fellowshipping with one another, and breaking bread – all “normal” church activities. However, there is more with the selling of possessions and giving of the proceeds to any who were in need. How might these practices encourage and challenge our communities today? (by Pastor Andrew Sampson)

  • (16) 6:30-7:45pm Pacific / 7:30-8:45pm AZ – A 75 Minute Romp Through Brethren History — If you know little or nothing about Brethren history or you want a refresher course this insight session is for you! In a 75 minute romp the key physical moves and key thoughts and beliefs of the Brethren of the day will be explained with relish! (by Felton Daniels)