Service Project for Conference

2020 Conference Service Project

The Tie that Binds – The 2020 District Conference Service Project is working with the Pomona Fellowship “Knit Wits” and the Hillcrest “Knit2gether” groups to produce afghans that are delivered through local community agencies. Since 2011 they have created and given 231 afghans. Please bring blocks, made to these specifications, with you to conference. 


Ministerio de Manta Afgana

Instrucciones de Tejer para Bloques Afganos

Cada manta afgana toma 30 bloques para medir 35” de ancho por 54” de largo – 5 bloques (7” lado) por 6 bloques (9” lado). 

Materiales: Agujas de tejer #8; Lana 100% acrílico, 4 hebras, estambre de peso

Montar el número de puntos para medir 7” cuando tejido, el ancho de este cartón (entre 25-30 puntos, depende del tejedor) 

Cuando empieza a montar los puntos, deja una hebra cerca de 6”.

Vuelta 1: Todo del derecho 

Vuelta 2: Deslizar el primer punto en su aguja, como para hacer un punto del revés, y entonces todo del derecho

Vuelta 3: Repetir Vuelta 2 hasta que el bloque de tejer mide 9”, el largo de este cartón. 

Cerrar y dejar una hebra de 6” por este lado también. 

Bien hecho! Terminó parte de una manta afgana! Comenzar otra! 

Su bloque debe verse algo como esto. 

Preguntas o comentarios? Llama a Linda Hart (909) 593-7322

.Refugee Aid is a volunteer group of concerned individuals who assist refugee families seeking asylum in the United States. “We are disturbed by the mistreatment of refugee families, particularly refugee children. We believe all people deserve to be treated humanely. The refugee families we serve have permission from our federal Government to remain in the U.S. with their sponsors while their asylum case is pending. Their sponsors provide them with air or bus tickets to cities across the U.S. Many families will travel for days with little or no food or money, and would travel in the clothing they have worn for weeks or months without some local intervention.
…..Refugee Aid supports a network of churches, mostly small, Spanish speaking congregations with few resources. There are a growing number of churches involved in this effort, but the network we support is now coordinated through Lutheran Social Services of the Southwest (LSS-SW), the main refugee resettlement organization in the Phoenix valley. There are no local or state government funds available in Arizona to assist in providing for these families.
…..Refugee Aid volunteers help serve about 1500 persons each week, providing hot food, a shower when available, a change of clothing, a place to sleep for the night, some travel food and a few dollars, a ride to their plane or bus, and a large helping of God’s love and comfort. Refugee Aid volunteers are organized into teams, each team to address one of the diverse needs of the families.
…..Your support in helping to care for these families is welcome and appreciated!
…..…..Karen Haynes Shankster
…..…..Papago Buttes CoB, Scottsdale, AZ

Conference Service Project
– Refugee Aid –

The District Conference Program Committee has selected Refugee Aid as our service project this year. Refugee Aid is an organization started in Phoenix and is supported by the Papago Buttes congregation in Scottsdale, Arizona. These items will be collected and blessed during the offering time in worship on Friday evening. If you cannot be there in time for Friday worship, there will be a drop off location at FRC to put the items you bring on Saturday.

Specifically our offering will collect:

  • New socks and underwear for children and adults
  • (small and medium sizes only, please);
  • Gently used clothing for children and small adults is
    also appreciated;
  • Monetary donations can also be made with checks to
    PSWD and the funds will be passed along.