Delegates, Non-Delegates, & Conference Business

  • The 60th annual meeting of the Pacific Southwest District of the Church of the Brethren
    • Business Session convenes Saturday morning at 8:30am, November 11, 2023. Delegates and others may be at ULV or on-line.
    • District Conference web events are spread out over the week, November 7-12, 2022.
  • Delegates and Non-delegates alike are invited to participate in the business meeting. All observers will learn from the reports and presentations.
    • Only credentialed delegates can vote, and only when sitting in the delegate section, or logged in on the web with their “custom” delegate event link.
    • Anyone present may speak to the business at hand using the in-person microphone, or by “raising a virtual hand” and waiting to be acknowledged.
  • Business Book, Reports, Ballot …
  • Each church pays $200 which covers the conference registration for all of the congregation’s delegates and members.
  • Each church is entitled to at least 4 voting delegates: Pastor, Board Chair, and 2 congregational representatives.
  • Delegate voting “permission” credential “web-cards” are e-mailed to each church office in the summer. The web-card will be due in the District Office by 9/15/2022Call 909-406-5368 if your church needs help with the process.
    • Have your church treasurer pay the all-inclusive $200 fee.
    • Have your Pastor or Moderator certify a delegate voting credential web-card for each delegate.
    • The PDF Business Book will email in October directly to each delegate as listed on on the Delegate Voting Permission Credential Card.
  • A verified Delegate Voting Permission Credential Web-Card is required to be seated in the in-person delegate section at Hillcrest, or for the sending of the voting log-in link to each delegate for the Business Session at District Conference.
  1. Congregation Pays $200: (Link to Arrange Payment of the $200) This one fee covers conference registration for the church’s delegates and any church members, PDF Business Books for everyone, and paper Business Books by special arrangement with the District Office.
  2. Congregation returns: (by September 15) Delegate Permission to Vote Credential Web-Card(s) which name(s) the delegate(s) which will assure that they receive a custom voting link, but it does not register them for District Conference.
  3. Delegates register online: (by October 17) Each delegate is responsible for completing his or her own voting credentials by registering online for the conference no later than the October 24, 2021 deadline. The $200 paid by the church in “Part 1” covers registration, and a PDF Business Book.
  4. Church Members Register online: (by October 17) The $200 paid by the church in “Part 1” covers member registration and a PDF business book. If needed, members can pre-order a paper Business Book for $10 until October 15th by emailing or by calling the District Office 909-406-5368.