CEU Annual Brethren Offerings

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Some of these offerings will require you to “design your own” CEU process, others offer their own CEUs.

PSWD Pre-Conference Minister’s Education Event

This event includes CEUs. Take a look at the last or coming offering.


Annual Conference Events

The Church of the Brethren Ministers’ Association offers pre-Annual Conference events with CEUs, as well as other CEU ideas and events throughout the year: www.brethren.org/ministryoffice/sustaining

Try these related ideas: www.brethren.org/training

Brethren Academy for Ministerial Leadership

Has a wide assortment of resources, including faculty and staff.

Explore at: www.bethanyseminary.edu/brethren-academy

Discipleship Ministries: Brethren.org

Offerings come and go in a wide variety of venues: Growing Vital Churches and equipping Church Planters through resources, training events, networking, and coaching that enable congregations, established and new, to offer compelling ministries that reach more people, more young people and more diverse people in our communities. Discipleship Ministries is committed to empowering people to articulate and embody their faith in significant ways that reach out with genuine hospitality to people wherever they are, inviting and welcoming them as together we seek to renew existing congregations.