Stewards Commission

Stewards Commission, District Board of Administration
November 9, 2019 to November 14, 2020

The home churches of persons listed above, are in brackets, i.e. (Glendale)

District Board of Administration

From the District By-Laws, 2018 ed. (page 10) Article III. Section I. Commissions.

  1. Each commission selects from its elected members a vice chair and secretary;
  2. Maintains and reviews annually a list of specific responsibilities as outlined in the By-Laws or assigned by the Executive Board;
  3. Establishes job descriptions for positions accountable to the commission;
  4. Prepares an annual budget request and submits it to the Stewards Commission;
  5. Reports activities, needs and special opportunities to the Executive Board;
  6. Recommends for Executive Board approval persons and committees to perform specific responsibilities related to the commission; and
  7. Works cooperatively with the other commission, Task Groups and staff to promote the programs of the church.

From the District By-Laws, 2018 ed. (page 11) Article III. Section I.9. Stewards Commission.

  1. The Stewards Commission aids and challenges the churches and other District groups to be faithful stewards of God-given resources;
  2. Promotes programs of general stewardship education and enlistment;
  3. Encourages support for the general work of the board, commissions, and Task Groups and for specific projects;
  4. Supervises the financial interests of the district;
  5. Safeguards and utilizes the property, assets and equipment of the District; and
  6. Recommends the annual budget.