Investment Committee

Investment Committee

Manages investments with our investment partners, based on performance assessments.

  • 3 year appointment by Executive Board
    • Term 2018 Chair Elizabeth Rowan (Pasadena)
  • Ex-Officio
    • Treasurer Larry Woodruff (La Verne) (with vote)
    • Stewards Chair Joel Price (Empire) (with vote)
    • Moderator (with vote)
    • District Executive Minister Russ Matteson (without vote)

The home churches of persons listed above, are in brackets, i.e. (Tucson)


Four of the investment committee positions are ex-officio. One additional person shall be named by the board for up to two (2), three (3) year terms and can be a board member. The committee shall be initially approved, as well as the nomination of the at large position, by the board at the January Retreat, but can function immediately since the steward’s investment strategy has already been reported and consented to by the board (the three investment partners and our ability to change allocations between them). The board reviews and has jurisdiction over the committee and its decisions.


The committee holds one (1) face-to-face or conference call meeting per year, four persons constituting a quorum. Additional meetings or conversations with investment partners and individual committee members may occur at any time during the year as necessary. Each quarter, the Chair of the investment committee ensures that the performance data of the district’s investment partners is disseminated to committee members. The Chair makes quarterly (or as needed) recommendations about the allocation of assets between partners and actions required to meet district cash flow needs. Members of the committee review the comparative performance data of investment partners, other assets, and district financial needs. Members may also make recommendations. In addition to face-to-face meetings, meetings may be held by phone or through email. Any member may insist on a conference call, or other discussion in lieu of an email vote if they believe more discussion is necessary prior to a vote. All members must get the material pertaining to a committee decision and a majority vote carries. In addition to the necessary functionaries carrying out the committee’s wishes, the district board chair is notified of the committee’s decisions.

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