Executive Board

Executive Board
November 14, 2020 to November 13, 2021
  • Ex-Officio with vote (members chosen by the Board of Administration)
  • Ex-Officio with vote (chosen by District Conference)
  • Ex-Officio without vote

The home churches of persons listed above, are in brackets, i.e. (Glendale)

District Board of Administration

From the District By-Laws, 2018 ed. Article III. Section H. pages 9-10 Executive Board. The Executive Board is composed of the Board Chair, Vice-Chair, Ministry Commission Chair and Stewards Commission Chair. Officers are Chair and Vice-Chair. The Moderator and Moderator-elect serve as ex-officio members with vote. The District Executive Minister(s), serve as ex-officio member(s) without vote.

  1. The Executive Board is the legal agent of the District and is empowered to act on behalf of the District ad interim except for those actions specifically reserved for the District Conference or the Policy Board as set forth in the Constitution and By-Laws.
  2. The Executive Board reviews the Executive Minister(s) on at least an annual basis and establishes annual salary and benefits of the Executive Minister(s);
  3. Recommends employment and termination of the Executive Minister(s) subject to approval of the Policy Board and in consultation with the Director of District Ministries; and reviews executive staff employment contracts;
  4. Fills any vacancy which may occur in the Policy Board, District Conference officers or other elected offices when provisions for filling such a vacancy are not specifically stated.
  5. Fulfills the directives of the District Conference and makes an annual report to the Conference;
  6. Assigns, defines and interprets responsibilities of the commissions;
  7. Decides the number of members on each commission depending on size of work load;
  8. Creates and dissolves Task Groups when the direction of the District makes it valuable;
  9. Projects long-range planning, sets goals, and initiates new program in harmony with decisions of the District Conference and the vision of the Policy Board
  10. Promotes and administers the total church program in the District;
  11. Defines the number of and geographical boundaries of the sections of the District;
  12. Acts regarding employment of district staff
  13. Has custody of and manages all District capital funds, endowments and annuities, or arranges for such custody and management;
  14. Holds title to District properties;
  15. Negotiates the purchase and sale of property and the borrowing and lending of money on behalf of the District;
  16. Allocates and defines authority with respect to the establishment of bank accounts and the signing of checks;
  17. Prepares the District budget for presentation to the District Conference;
  18. Provides for an annual audit to be done by a public accounting firm and submits the audit to District Conference;
  19. Arranges for bonding of persons handling large sums of money, in an amount set by the Executive Board;
  20. Receives, considers and responds to concerns brought by individuals or church groups;
  21. Brings queries and other business items to the District Conference and processes queries from local churches for District Conference action;
  22. Acts on recommendations from the Ministry Commission regarding nominees for ordination;
  23. Acts regarding new church plants;
  24. Appoints committees and makes appointments;
  25. Annually appoints a Treasurer from outside its membership;
  26. Affirms commission appointments.