2011/2012 Get in the Game!

I have been so pleased to hear from so many of you about your experiences at District Conference. It was a fabulous event and I had a blast watching the Youth from many different congregations come together. The Empire Youth group F.R.O.G. perfectly captured the highlights of the weekend, in a thank you letter to their congregation, which was re-printed in the PSWD newsletter so I won’t go into details here. But, there was another particular moment I enjoyed that was organic in its actualization. Let’s just say, where there is a ball, a court and a few teenagers gathered, there is….The Game!

La Verne, Glendale and Principe de Paz youth found themselves in common territory on the basketball court, where a game with undefined rules, timelines or even teammates quickly became the handshake of friendship and brotherly love. A video highlight of the game is posted on the Pacific Southwest District Youth FACEBOOK page.

The spirit of that impromptu moment was reflected throughout our weekend together. Don’t get me wrong. The Youth Cabinet did a fabulous job creating an agenda and timeline for the weekend. They also had the wisdom to allow spontaneous fellowship to flourish and that is where the deepening relationships were born!

The Youth Cabinet will be meeting again in January to create our next, GAME PLAN! Please stayed tuned and encourage everyone to “Get into the Game” that is PWSD Youth fellowship!