Meals at District Conference

*Needs to be updated for Hillcrest, La Verne*

Meals at District Conference

Meals will be available only if purchased in advance online with pre-registration before October 19.
During online registration:
  • Web registration will ask you once at the beginning of your meal selections:
    • [ ] Regular or [ ] Vegetarian preference — to help the FRC plan.
    • Meals are self-serve buffet style, with the vegetarian options clearly identified.
  • Sunday Lunch for Saturday night FRC Housing, do you want:
    • Lunch in the dining room at 11:00 am
    • A box lunch to take with you
    • No lunch
  • Overnight FRC Housing includes 3 meals for each night
    • Dinner, (overnight stay), Breakfast, Lunch
    • Children under 18 have free lodging with parents.
      • For those 13 and under the food is also free.
      • For ages 14 to 17, the cost is $15 a day for their meals.
  • Attendees staying at another hotel, home, or with a friend.
    • Meals must be pre-ordered during registration before October 15.
      • Breakfast $10.50
      • Lunch $13.50
      • Dinner $16
  • Youth Event Meals: Do not include Friday. The youth activity fee includes Saturday breakfast, Saturday sack lunch, Saturday supper, Sunday breakfast snack.
    • Youth housed with parents have the “Overnight FRC Housing” meals listed above.
    • “Sleepover” Youth can purchase a Friday meal or Sunday lunch if needed.
    • Note: The nearest “fast food” is at least 3 miles away.

Event Meals

Thursday: Ethics TrainingEverything is at Papago Buttes CoB, the training includes lunch.
Friday: Minister’s Educational Event Everything is at FRC, the event includes lunch.

Restaurants near FRC: Franciscan Renewal Center

This link (click here) will open up a “Google Maps” page with FRC’s “blue teardrop” in the middle. Click on an “orange” dot or letter to get more information.

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