Insight Sessions at District Conference


Focus on Jesus!

Matthew 14:29-30
Moderator Karen B. Pierson

2018 District Conference

November 9-11, 2018

Registration is open:
After 10/25, late fees = $25 Individuals, $50 Families
Late registration has:
NO meal purchase
NO nursery or childcare activity registrations
NO youth activity registrations

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2018 Insight Sessions & Compelling Vision

Divide the possibilities among your church’s attendees so you can return to your congregation with a wide range of experience and information. The Insight Sessions will cover some business items, church ministry opportunities, and personal / congregational spiritual growth. Titles, presenters, descriptions, and locations will be posted here, and on the registration website. During on-line registration you will choose which Insight Sessions you will attend.
  • Saturday, right before lunch (11:00 a.m. – Noon) Title — Description (presenter)
    • (1) Sharing the Love of Jesus! — Come see and hear how new church planters, Pastors Rigo and Margie Berumen, Los Banos, and Pastor Luz Roman, Las Vegas, go into their communities and share the word. Insight Session in Spanish with English Translation. (by Luz Roman, Margie y Rigo Berumen)
    • (2) History Come Alive! — Come see, hear and touch how the Brethren historical influence molded and shaped La Verne University. Our Archivist, Curator and Historian will weave a tale of the Brethren influence on the development of La Verne and vice versa. You might even find your own family represented there! (by Ben Jenkins – ULV Archivist, Anne Collier – ULV Cultural and Natural Historical Collections Curator, Al Clark – Professor and Collector of Oral Histories)
    • (3) Spiritual but Not Religious?  It is common place to hear talk of being “spiritual but not religious.” Such a concept, however, is rooted more in practices of polling than it is in understanding human nature and religion itself. In this workshop we will see that there is really no such thing as being spiritual but not religious. We will explore the practices of the Christian life that shape and form our spiritual selves, and our longing for God. (by Josh Brockway – Director, Spiritual Life and Discipleship for the Church of the Brethren Discipleship Ministries)(also presenting our Pre-Conference Workshop)
    • (4) Conversation with the General Secretary of our Denomination (Elgin, IL) (by General Secretary David Steele)
    • (5) Let’s talk Business — Join leadership of the District Executive Board for conversation around the business items that will be addressed during the afternoon, and other questions you may want to ask about what is happening in the PSWD. (by Board Chair Nelda Rhoades Clarke, Stewards Chair Joel Price, and District Executive Minister Russ Matteson of the PSWD Policy Board Board)
    • (6) Cancelled due to injury
    • (7) What is God inviting PSWD to do? — The District Board has invited the churches of the district into conversation and discernment about what God would have us do with new financial resources that we have received. Join this worshipful conversation led by members of the District Board.  (by Ministry Chair Tom Hostetler of the PSWD Policy Board Board)
  • Lunch (12:15-1:00 p.m.)
    • Conference Luncheon: (by reservation during registration, held in the Maury Smeltzer Lounge)
    • WOW Lunch discussion: Join us to hear about WOW 2018, and be in conversation about WOW 2019 and the PSWD Women’s Fellowship. (by reservation during registration, held in the Private Dining Room)
  • Saturday, right after lunch (1:00-3:00 p.m.) “Compelling Vision Process” District Discussion in the main Meeting Hall.

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