Insight Sessions at District Conference

2020 Insight Sessions

Divide the possibilities among your church’s attendees so you can return to your congregation with a wide range of experience and information. The Insight Sessions will cover some business items, church ministry opportunities, and personal / congregational spiritual growth. Titles, presenters, descriptions, and locations will be posted here, and on the registration website. During online registration you will choose which Insight Sessions you want to attend. Until then, please feel free to look through 2019 Insight Sessions.

Divided the possibilities among your church’s attendees so you could return to your congregation with a wide range of experience and information. The Insight Sessions covered some business items, church ministry opportunities, and personal / congregational spiritual growth. Titles, presenters, descriptions, and locations were posted here, and on the registration website. From 2019 online registration you chose which Insight Sessions you wanted to attend.

  • (1) Living Water on Other Tongues: How Intercultural Bible Study Can Lead Us Closer to Christ — The Church of the Brethren challenges us to seek the mind of Christ by prayerfully studying scripture together. So what happens when our “together” expands to include people with varied cultural backgrounds? Drawing on the example of the Samaritan woman’s encounter with Jesus in John 4:1-42, this insight session suggests that we can also encounter Jesus when we reach out across cultural and other differences. (by Dan Ulrich, Wieand Professor of New Testament Studies at Bethany Theological Seminary)
  • (2) St John’s Illuminated Bible — Explore the stunning illuminations in the Casa’s rare Heritage Edition of The Saint John’s Bible with FRC art docents. These works of art go beyond pictures or illustrations into a new and heavenly realm of illuminating the Word of God with beauty, symbolism, and wonder. (by FRC: Franciscan Renewal Center)
  • (3) Business Items Session — Come hear and discuss the afternoon’s business items. (by Board Chair Nelda Clarke & District Executive Minister Russ Matteson)
  • (4) The Welcoming Church and Accessibility Building Blocks — To most of us our churches are as comfortable and accessible as our homes. This course asks us to look at our comfortable, familiar church homes through the eyes of members and guests with physical limitations. We will seek to understand their challenges and how our church buildings can become a barrier to those with physical limitations. Looking beyond the legal requirements of accessibility as they apply to our churches, we will discuss how meeting the challenges of accessibility can create a welcoming church facility. The course will review common barriers to accessibility and discuss how the building blocks included in the law (ADA) and the building codes can be used to eliminate barriers and improve the way a church welcomes all. It will trace the path of members and guests arriving at church, entering the building and participating in worship. Jim is a licensed architect who has participated in accessibility review and upgrade programs for new and renovated hotels, educational facilities and commercial buildings. (by Jim LeFever)
  • (5) Como Construir un Ministerio de Mujeres (How to Build a Women’s Ministry) — 1. ¿Por qué es importante un ministerio de Mujeres? 2. ¿Cómo se comienza un ministerio de Mujeres? 3. ¿Cómo se continúa un ministerio de Mujeres? Génesis 2:18 Reina-Valera 1960 “Y dijo Jehová Dios: No es bueno que el hombre esté solo; le haré ayuda idónea para él.” Mateo 28:10 Reina-Valera 1960 “Entonces Jesús les dijo: No temáis; id, dad las nuevas a mis hermanos, para que vayan a Galilea, y allí me verán.” (1. Why is a Women’s Ministry important? 2. How do you start a Women’s Ministry? 3. How is a Women’s Ministry continued? Genesis 2:18 NLT “Then the Lord God said, It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a helper who is just right for him.” Matthew 28:10 NLT “Then Jesus said to the women, “Don’t be afraid! Go tell my brothers to leave for Galilee, and they will see me there.”) (by Becky Ortiz de Zapata, Co-Pastor Príncipe de Paz)
  • (6) South Sudan Insights — Come and hear about the people of South Sudan and the work of the Church of the Brethren there. See pictures from the visit of the “Class of 2019” as they went to encourage and learn from the work of peace, reconciliation and building up of the church in this newest country. (by Don & Karen Shankster)

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  • (1) 1:00pm Sanctuary Art Tour: Liturgical Art for our Contemporary Time and Beyond — A Docent-led Highlights of the Church Art Tour will feature symbolism incorporated into the architectural design and building materials of the church as well as the beauty of the high-interest artworks. Themes to discover in the art are: the beauty of creation, the “Canticle of the Creatures” written by Saint Francis in 1225, the Incarnation, and Franciscan tradition and spirituality. The tour includes the Bell Tower, marble Baptismal Font, nine magnificent art glass windows from Germany, two narrative bas-relief sculptures, two dramatic figurative sculptures, an inspirational Icon with a unique Arizona scene, and more. The symbolism and expressive beauty of the art is an invitation to discover both meaning and spirituality in art but also to realize the purpose of our Christian journey. (by FRC: Franciscan Renewal Center)
  • (2) Kingdom Building: Evangelism In All It’s Fullness! — Faithful evangelism is proclaiming Jesus in both Word and Deed. As we do, we announce the full reign of God, living out the heart of the Lord’s Prayer: Thy Kingdom Come, Thy Will be done, on earth as it is in heaven. In this workshop, we will rediscover evangelism in all its fullness. (by Paul Mundey, Annual Conference Moderator 2020)
  • (3) To Germany and Back in Under an Hour! — Come on a journey from Schwarzenua to the Wissahickon. See pictures and hear stories of sites that were important to the formation of the Brethren movement, from Switzerland, Germany, and the Netherlands to the site of the first baptism and early meeting houses in the U.S. The presenter made trips to document these heritage sites, some of which are not on site-seeing tours. (by Nevin Dulabaum, President of Brethren Benefit Trust)
  • (4) Effective Children’s Ministry — Hear and interact with our panel of Children’s Ministry organizers: Tom Hostetler (La Verne), Jaime Howard (Circle of Peace), and Karleen Daniels (Modesto). Each panel member will give an overview of her church’s program and then the session will be opened for questions and sharing. (moderated & organized by Mary Kay Ogden)
  • (5) Building a Culture for Church Planting — This session will include updates from the three current church plants in PSWD and will engage in conversation with Stan Dueck, COB Director of Transformational Practices, about what it takes to create a culture that encourages and supports church planting. (organized by District Executive Minister Russ Matteson)
  • (6) Opening the Eyes of my Heart … A Creative Contemplative Prayer Opportunity — There are endless ways to prayer. Yet some feel at a loss about where to start. Others have started, yet tend to stick to the same old routines or don’t know where to turn to freshly infuse their practice. God invites us to start wherever we are and keep expanding our understandings of prayer and deepening our relationship with the Divine through a variety of practices meant for broadening and enlivening our experiences with the Spirit of Life and all that is life giving. Come be refreshed and enlivened in the midst of District Conference and your own spiritual life through the contemplative practice of Visio Divina, allowing God to speak in and with you through a variety of images. Explore with others how to integrate this practice into your personal or a shared prayer life with others.. (by Erin Matteson,

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