2021 FAQs about District Conference

We are now ALL Virtual

On October 9 the decision was made to move the District Conference weekend activities to an online event. Our host facility Hillcrest asked that we consider not coming, largely for the safety of the residents and staff of the retirement community. This means that business on Saturday and the Ministers Event on Friday will be online only events. Additionally, the worship services on Friday evening at 7 p.m. and Saturday at 6 p.m. will be livestreamed as well. Those in the local area are invited to join worship on Friday evening at the Glendale congregation, and Saturday evening at the Principe de Paz congregation. Masks will be required to attend the services. We will be streaming the worship from those locations.
Due to COVID-related changes at Hillcrest we are meeting virtually and no meals will be offered.
Registration for the conference is important as we will be sending out links to those registered for the insight sessions, business sessions, and the worship services. Those links will be sent out during the first week of November.
First, we are encouraging all who are able to get vaccinated for the benefit of others and themselves. Second, we will be following the guidance and rules that are in place at the time of conference in November. This means following what Hillcrest may require, as well as recommendations by LA County, the state of California, and the CDC. We won’t know exactly what that looks like until closer to the event, so expect to receive a communication just prior to conference with requirements and expectations.
If District Conference were today, we would need everyone in attendance to be masked when they are indoors, regardless of vaccination status. This is the requirement of LA County and is being adhered to by Hillcrest. If you don’t feel that you will be able to comply with whatever guidance is in place, please feel free to register and participate virtually.
And we are aware that things could change and require us to go to an entirely virtual district conference. (That is what happened mid October) We have done that before (last year), so we know how to make that happen. In fact, much of the infrastructure for the hybrid conference is the same as doing the virtual conference, so the pivot, while inconvenient and not what we are hoping for, is doable.